We are presenting one of the most exclusive product on todays food market: Olivier Lavine's signature 24 Karat Gold Chocolate Truffles! Our one of a kind masterpieces created by the best Chocolatiers of Switzerland turning the ordinary, into extraordinary, into unbelievable.


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Olivier Lavine stands for first class quality, great taste, elegance & perfection.

The intensity of dark chocolate, the smoothness of milk chocolate and the sweetness of white chocolate, our mouth melting assortment is exclusively created for an authentic Swiss premium chocolate experience with a special touch. Only with 24K gold leaflets and always in consideration of high hygiene standards to guarantee top quality, ultimate taste and perfection. The most important core to our products, finest cacao, is only obtained from fair trade producers, planted, gathered and transported under sustainable and eco-friendly manners. Whether as special delight for yourself, to enjoy with your family, as a gift for someone important or to show a valuable business client your appreciation, our chocolate creations are for many occasions and for anybody that enjoys an exclusive and unique treat.