Climate change and Carbon:

As a company that relies on a climatically sensitive crop for our business, we are acutely aware of the potential negative impacts of climate change on our business. We also recognise that ethics and sustainability go hand in hand, since many of the worst effects of global climate change will impact the communities where we work most severely.

We have taken many steps to ensure we are doing our part as a responsible company to mitigate against climate change. As a vibrant and growing company, we will continue to work towards expanding our sustainability profile.

Reducing energy usage from IT and electronic equipment:

We have installed energy management systems in our warehouse unit. Lights are switched off automatically when not in use, sensors adjust the brightness of our lighting according to how much light is coming in through our windows and the temperature is controlled so we are not cooling too much in the summer or heating too high in the winter.

Almost all packaging is now sourced from Switzerland. Packaging was previously air-freighted from East Asia so this has led to a significant reduction in emissions and an improvement in the ‘carbon footprint’ of our products.

Reduce, re-use, recycle – managing our waste:

Packaging and the associated waste are both potential major contributors to our environmental impact. Recognising this, we have taken a number of steps to reduce the amount of packaging we produce, create packaging which is functional and attractive and recycle as much of our waste as possible.

We now source close to 100% of our card and paper packaging from Forest Stewardship Council FSC certified sources. This ensures that all our paper and cardboard products are made from sustainably managed wood pulp.

Where possible, packing materials (bubble wrap, cardboard outers) are returned to our Warehouse facility for re-use. The warehouse also has its own waste compactor and is close to achieving its ‘zero to landfill’ goal through re-using and recycling all waste produced.

All cardboard and paper products are widely recycled. Open-cell black padding found in some of our boxed chocolates is recyclable. Our rigid board boxes are not recyclable, however they are made from 100% recycled material.

We are a dynamic growing company, and we have a wide range of ethical and sustainability projects lined up for the near future.