Sustainability & fair trade is very significant for us and an important demand to all of our partners. We are proud to distribute premium chocolate based on high quality standards with a strong focus on ethical norms in every aspect of our business along with efficient use of energy, water and other resources.

Cacao is our most important ingredient. It is a great challenge to ensure that it is also available to us in future in the supreme quality required. To achieve this, the cocoa farmers are supported actively by our partners in their work, for example through training courses or infrastructure projects. We thus also make a contribution to improve the working and living conditions of the cocoa farmers and help to ensure that the local farming of cocoa also remains attractive in the future.

Over the years we’ve learnt so much about the most sustainable and effective ways to help our planet and those we work with - from cocoa farmers in Columbia, Venezuela and Costa Rica to our staff in the office and warehouse.

As a chocolatier, we’ve learned first-hand about taking care of the environment – from organic farming and sustainable packaging to reducing waste and our carbon footprint.

Being ethical is at the heart of everything we do, and it’s been rooted in our brand from the very beginning. We treat workers fairly, tread lightly on the planet, strive to leave things better than we found them and act with a conscience. We live a deep sense of fairness that extends to our farmers, our customers, our employees and future generations:

  • The cocoa farmers are supported actively by our partners in their work, for example through training courses or infrastructure projects.
  • Our customers can always rely on our honesty & integrity, our professional behavior and respect.
  • Our employees can count on our professionalism, our trust and equality. Every race, gender, ethnicity and social group will have equal opportunities. We offer a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is able to be themselves. It’s important for us that everyone is able to make the best use of their skills and talents, free from discrimination or harassment, with decisions that are based on merit. We make sure that all employees are paid equally, regardless of gender.
  • For future generations we are committed to reducing waste. We have taken many steps to ensure we are doing our part as a responsible company to mitigate against climate change.

Our people are vital to who we are. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive business, with a culture in which everyone can succeed and develop, with the opportunity to grow.

Being ethical and sustainable is a journey, not a destination, and we will continue to benchmark, review and improve.