Only especially fine chocolate is allowed to bear the appellation Grand Cru. The basis for our exclusive Grand Cru chocolate is premium cocoa, grown in sustainable and ethical productions in the best locations in South America. The cacao fruits are handled with the utmost care in the countries of origin, which ensures that the beans are perfectly prepared for processing. Only the highest quality of raw materials, the ideal time of harvest and careful selection guarantee the intense character of our fine cacao.

The origin and quality of the cocoa has an important bearing on the taste of the chocolate into which it is made. For our Grand Cru specialities, we use only finest quality, handpicked premium cocoa. It comes from carefully selected growing areas in Columbia, Venezuela and Costa Rica where farmers attend to the time-consuming care of the delicate plants and harvest the ripe beans by hand. The entire processing, from bean to fine Grand Cru chocolate, then takes place in Switzerland. One important production step is the so called conching in which the chocolate mass is warmed and stirred – a process that lasts up to 72 hours for our Grand Cru chocolate.

The finest varieties of cacao of world class origin are the essence of the melt-in-the-mouth Grand Cru chocolate. The intense flavour of the exquisite cacao beans makes our chocolate a real rarity, afterall only 5% of the world's cocoa harvest is premium cocoa. We place great value on sustainable & ethical production, the use of the best possible natural ingredients and careful processing methods, as well as a passion for craftsmanship, which is reflected in the uniquely intense flavour of our various products.

Olivier Lavine - This is what finest chocolate tastes like