In order to guarantee steady freshness, our products are stored maximum 5 days after production in our cooled storage facility until they are prepared for export and send to our customers. Properly stored our products have a shelf life of min. 30 days after they left our warehouse.

In consideration of ecological reasons all our boxes are made out of solid cardboard certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), prooving the material is manufactured from sustainable forest management. Our products are embeded in specially made praline tins to make sure that the chocolate pieces will remain in perfect condition without any scratches and that no damage can be done to the product itself during handling and/or transport.

For the final delivery by courier we are packing the product boxes into solid outer cardboard boxes filled with padding material to absorb all shocks during handling and transport.

Summer packaging

To guarantee a delivery of our products in perfect conditions during temperatures exceeding 15°C (59°F) we pack the product boxes along with re-usable refrigerant cooling packs. The product boxes and the cooling packs will additionally be wrapped into a thermo foil.

After the order placement we will automatically review recipient's local weather and temperature conditions and decide whether to use our summer packing or not. Of course this service is complimentary for all of our customers.